We are often asked questions related to our bus network and services. Following is a list of frequently asked questions that may assist with your enquiry. If you cannot find the information on this page or relevant area of the website, contact us.

Late or Cancelled Buses

Where's my bus? Is my bus coming or just late?
We understand a late or cancelled bus can be frustrating and cause inconvenience to passengers. While we make every effort to deliver all services on time and safely, sometimes there are circumstances out of our control, including traffic conditions, mechanical issues or driver availability.

Our Where's My Bus? page provides behind the scenes detail about the morning peak and tips on making your ride smoother in the event of a disruption.

If late buses are a consistent issue on a particular service, you can also report a late or cancelled bus.

If you're interested in our overall service reliability statistics, visit our Public Transport Performance page.

Early Buses

My bus was early. What can be done about this?
ACTION's timetable is continually monitored and developed to ensure that departure times listed in the ACTION timetables reflect the operational ability of our services. There are various timing points on each route which assist ACTION drivers to monitor how they are running, and to ensure that they can remain on schedule for all waiting passengers. While drivers are instructed to adhere to these timing points, at times traffic flow can make a service early. To allow for this, ACTION advises all passengers to arrive at their bus stop a few minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to ensure they do not miss the bus. ACTION services are deemed as being on time if they depart a stop between 1 minute early and 4 minutes late.

ACTION monitors the run time of our services to assist us in identifying any ongoing issues and improve our network to meet driver and passenger requirements. If your service has run early, please notify us so we can investigate and resolve any issues that have affected the on-time running of your bus.

Crowded buses

What can you do about full buses?
In order to improve our services and network, we encourage passengers to provide feedback. Our scheduling teams review rider input and take feedback into consideration for future network changes and modifications. The morning and afternoon peak see many of our buses operating at close to capacity. Passengers are encouraged to choose an alternative service if possible to ease congestion during peak times. Another factor to consider is moving, and encouraging other passengers to move toward the rear of the bus to free up the front aisle. If you are experiencing overcrowding on buses you can report the issue.


ACTION uses a MyWay smartcard prepaid ticketing system as well as accepting cash fares. MyWay card users tag on and off as they embark and disembark each service. New and replacement cards can be obtained from MyWay Centres or Access Canberra Service Centre and there are various recharge options, including online, by telephone or in person.
For more information on MyWay, refer to the Transport for Canberra MyWay or MyWay FAQ page.

Cash Fares

Do I need exact change? What notes can I use?
Paying with exact change for a fare is preferred. Change can be given in most instances, however this depends on the amount of change available. Passengers may be refused entry if the driver is unable to provide change for large note denominations.

Lost Property

If you have a lost property enquiry, telephone (02) 6207 7558. Refer to the Lost Property section of our website for more information including location and opening hours of the Lost Property Office.


Where can I send praise for a bus driver?
I'd like to report a bus driver.

ACTION has over 600 full and part time drivers. These roles have a strong customer service and road safety focus. We welcome driver feedback and are able to inform the ACTION team member directly. We also understand that sometimes passengers may have a negative experience with a driver. If you wish to report a driver, provide relevant details and ACTION will investigate.


If you are interested in a career as a driver or other positions with ACTION, refer to the careers section of the website for current opportunities.

Customer Service

At ACTION, we welcome feedback and take complaints seriously. We endeavour to provide a response within 10 working days. Refer to the ACTION Feedback and Complaints Fact Sheet or Feedback and Complaints Policy for more information.

For our operating hours and contact options, refer to our Contact Us page.

Filming and Photography

Requests for filming and photography require permission. Activity must not disrupt services or staff.

Refer to our section on Filming and Media requests for more information.


Where can I park my car for free and catch a bus?
The ACT Government offers Park and Ride facilities around Canberra. These parking facilities enable you to combine vehicle use with bus travel. Conditions of use apply. Refer to the Transport for Canberra Park and Ride page or for more information.


How can I combine bike and bus travel?
There are several options which enable riders to combine cycling with bus travel. Refer to our Driving and Cycling page for more detail.

Bike Racks
How do I know which service will have a bike rack?

All local services and most Blue Rapid and Red Rapid services fitted with bike racks can be used by riders. Due to constantly changing operational needs, there is currently no way to identify if a bus with a bike rack will service a particular route.

Why don't all services have bike racks?
Due to length restrictions, not all buses can be fitted with bike racks.

Bike Rails, Lockers and Cages
What are my options for leaving a bike at bus stops and bus stations?
The ACT Government provide free bike storage facilities around Canberra. These include bike rails, lockers and cages. Refer to the Transport for Canberra Bike and Ride page for more information.


How do buses share lanes with cyclists?
Buses are permitted to use on-road cycle lanes 50 metres before and after the bus stop to set down and pick up passengers. When the bus is intending to pull into an on-road cycle lane to use the bus stop, the driver is required to wait and give way to the cyclist rider if there is a possibility of a collision between the cyclist and the bus when changing lanes.

At ACTION we take road safety very seriously. All ACTION drivers are required to complete a module on safe driving practices as part of their driver training course. These commitments are reinforced through Safety Alert reminders to raise drivers' awareness of cyclists on the road and instruct drivers to maintain a safe clearance distance when overtaking and passing cyclists.

If you wish to report an incident, provide relevant details and ACTION will investigate.

Mobile Options

Is there an app for ACTION services?
ACTION does not provide its own smartphone app for bus users. However, a number of apps are available from third-party developers.  View the apps available on our Mobile Apps page.

If you have created or use a different app for ACTION services contact us and we'll add it to the list.

Where can I get ACTION timetable data to create an app?
ACTION releases its Transit for Google Maps Feed for interested third party developers to create apps using the data.

Why can't I use the Google Maps app on my Apple device with iOS 6?
Apple's iOS 6 now has its own map app. ACTION services on Google Transit can now be accessed on Safari or other browser.

School Services

How can students pay for travel on ACTION buses? Is my child entitled to free travel?
Only MyWay cards or cash fares are accepted on ACTION buses. Refer to the fares section.

Free travel may be available to eligible students under the Student Transport Program.

How can I find out about School Route changes?
The number of students travelling by bus each year varies according to changes in enrolment patterns and urban development. ACTION's experience is that the new school year brings additional changes. Therefore routes and services are constantly reviewed and monitored. ACTION will notify schools of any changes to school services.

What is the School Transport Liaison Committee?
This committee has representatives from both Government and Non-Government schools. For further information contact your school or the Parents & Citizens Association.

My child has left something on a bus. What should I do?
For all lost property enquiries please call 02 6207 7558. Leave a message if the phone is unattended and a return call will be made. Additional information is available on the Lost Property page.

What do the Terms and Abbreviations for School Services mean?
See below for terms and abbreviations used:







Cnr Street / Street

The bus stop is in the first named street

Street / Street

The street changes its name


Articulated bus

Bus Advertising

ACTION offers are variety of advertising options both inside and outside the buses.
Refer to the bus advertising section of our website for more information.

Bus Charter

How can I charter a bus?
Schools and groups are able to charter ACTION buses. At least ten working days notice is required. For more information, refer to our Charter a Bus section.

Real time passenger information - NXTBUS

NXTBUS is the name of the Real Time Passenger Information Service (RTPIS).

NXTBUS means:

  • live online service tracking
  • the ability to identify if a bus is easy access or is equipped with a bike rack
  • onboard multifunction displays (visual and audio) with next stop announcements
  • on demand audio announcements at bus stations and selected major stops.

Can I use NXTBUS now?

Yes. The NXTBUS system is now live and we encourage all passengers to give it a go.  Read more about NXTBUS.

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