City to Woden - Stage Two

Help shape the future of light rail in Canberra

The next phase of Canberra's city shaping transport network has begun with community engagement for Stage 2 light rail now open. Stage 2 links Gungahlin to Woden through the heart of Canberra's city centre. Canberrans will be able to easily access major educational institutions, retail and entertainment precincts and employment hubs on an integrated public transport network. This project will make a significant contribution to ensuring Canberra is one of the world's most liveable and competitive cities, connected through smart public transport.

Canberra's population is projected to increase significantly over the next 20 years to over 500,000. As Canberra grows, city shaping projects like light rail helps to promote the ACT nationally and internationally as a great place to visit, live, invest and study.

Planning for Canberra's growth, reducing congestion and enhancing its liveability, requires a convenient, efficient and reliable public transport system that includes buses, light rail and active transport options such as cycling and walking.

Stage 2 map

What's happening now?

Stage 2 of the light rail network from the City to Woden will extend the public transport spine for Canberra, connecting employment hubs, community services and commuters from south to north.

The route to Woden has been selected as the next stage in a sequenced future development of a city-wide light rail network.

The proposed routes demonstrate a commitment to serving future populations and employment centres in the south of Canberra.

We want to hear from Canberrans during all stages of the project with initial consultation focused on options for the route and selection of alignment (for example along the verge or in the median) and stop locations. We also want to hear about any items of community, cultural or environmental importance to assist us with our design of the light rail route. Feedback from consultation will be included as a critical input to the business plan to be considered by the ACT Government.

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