MyWay Privacy Statement


The MyWay smartcard ticketing system commenced in February 2011 for use on ACTION bus services. The MyWay card is a plastic card that uses near field communication to communicate with on-bus ticketing equipment to calculate and deduct fares for users of the card.

No personal information is stored on the MyWay card. Information stored on the card is the current available balance of the card, the travel token (fare class) to calculate appropriate fares to be deducted and a record of the last 10 transactions that have been conducted on the card.

Important Information

MyWay is a tool used by Transport Canberra and City Services, a directorate of the ACT Government ("the Territory").

This privacy statement outlines how MyWay manages its obligations under the Information Privacy Act 2014 ("Privacy Act") and the manner in which any personal information is managed once it is collected. The collection, storage, use and disclosed of personal information under MyWay is bound by Territory Privacy Principles ("TPPs") set out in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act.

The TPPs also apply to third parties involved in the management of, and/or provision of, services for the MyWay smartcard ticketing system.

The legal authority to regulate public transport services is under the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Act 2001 (Public Passenger Services Act). Information may be collected to administer the Public Passenger Services Act in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Collection and disclosure of personal information

It is usual practice to collect personal information directly from MyWay users in accordance with the MyWay Terms and Conditions of use. Generally this information is to allow for registration of MyWay cards and/or application of concession entitlements to ensure appropriate concession fares are granted as per user eligibility. Personal information will only be collected through a third party where users would reasonably expect MyWay to collect information in that manner.

Users provide personal information to MyWay when they:

  • register a MyWay card
  • apply for a transport concession to be applied to a MyWay card
  • apply for a MyWay free travel pass
  • make a complaint or comment in relation to their MyWay card.

MyWay only collects information that is relevant to the provision of ticketing services for use on ACTION regular route services, management of concession travel entitlements and MyWay transaction accounts for users of the card.

Some examples of the use of the personal information collected by MyWay are:

  • collection of fares for bus users
  • assessment of any concession entitlement to be granted to users of the card
  • management of registered users' card balances in the event their MyWay card is lost, stolen or damaged
  • responding to complaints and enquires relating to user MyWay cards

Additionally, data related to user travel behaviour is used by ACTION and third parties to assist in planning bus networks, reporting on bus usage and network performance. However, this data is de-identified and no personal information is used in planning and performance monitoring systems used by the Territory for these purposes.

Personal information held will only be used for the purposes intended. MyWay does not disclose personal information to other persons or organisations outside of the Directorate except where:

  • users have consented to the disclosure to be made
  • the disclosure would be reasonably expected to be made on behalf of the user
  • the disclosure is required or authorised under law.
  • These disclosures would typically be made in the following circumstances:
  • to confirm concession travel entitlements with government agencies or external parties that would administer such entitlements (this may include Centrelink, Department of Veterans Affairs and Council on the Aging ACT)
  • to law enforcement agencies, including the Australian Federal Police to assist in the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences
  • to Territory agencies and contractors that have a role in administering MyWay cards
  • to other agencies and organisations as required under legislation.

Access to and correction of personal information held by MyWay

MyWay takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal information collected is accurate, complete and up-to-date. This includes maintaining information through updates and revisions when advised by the user that their personal information has changed.

If personal information held is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, users should contact MyWay and take reasonable steps to either correct this information, or if necessary, take other action. Users can contact MyWay for more information about how to request access or a change to the personal information held through the contact details below. Any request made to provide access to or amend the personal information held will be dealt within a reasonable timeframe.

If MyWay does not agree to provide users with or make a change to your personal information, users may request an amendment to the record or access to their personal information under the Freedom of Information Act 1989.

Keeping personal information secure

MyWay uses a range of measures to protect personal information from loss and misuse, and from unauthorised disclosure, access, use, or modification. These measures include (but are not limited to) restricted physical access to the Directorate's offices, secure filing cabinets, firewalls, secure databases, computer user identifiers and passwords.

How to Contact Us

If you have any comment in relation to any aspect of the collection, use, security of or access to your personal information please contact MyWay on 13 17 10.

Alternatively, you can write to MyWay at:

GPO Box 158
Canberra City ACT 2601

On line:

If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction you may wish to contact the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

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