How does MyWay Work?

MyWay is a prepaid ticketing system for travel on Transport Canberra buses. The MyWay smartcard technology enables a money value and /or travel entitlements to be stored on the card. Remember to always tap on and off by holding your MyWay card to the MyWay card reader at the start and end of each journey for the correct fare to be applied.

  • Entering the bus: Tap on with your MyWay card using the MyWay card reader located at the front of the bus. Once the transaction registers (with a single beep sound and on screen notification) proceed to your seat or standing area safely.
  • Exiting the bus: Once the bus reaches your desired stop, await the MyWay card reader active light to appear and tap off with your MyWay card by holding it to the MyWay card reader. The MyWay card reader at the rear door can be used when activated (eg. at bus stations or with rear door exits).
  • To view the transaction or your MyWay card balance when you enter or exit, hold your MyWay card over the MyWay card reader as long as is required to view the on screen display.
  • Remember, tapping off at the end of your journey ensures the cheapest fare is applied.
  • MyWay cards can be used immediately after the rider in front of you.

Lights on the card reader

Green light Green = tap on success.

Green lightYellow light Green + Yellow = tap on success and card balance is below $10.

Yellow light Yellow = tap on successful, however as a result of failing to or being unable to tag off on your previous trip a default fare has been applied. 

Red light Red = card is either not valid, has expired, an error has occurred reading the card, or there is insufficient balance.

Care of your MyWay Card

  • Register your MyWay card to protect the balance in the event it is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Keep your MyWay card secure. If lost or stolen, telephone MyWay on 13 17 10.
  • Do not bend or puncture the card as this may damage the internal antenna or microchip.To hang the card from a lanyard, insert the card into a card holder attached to a lanyard.
  • Do not expose the card to static electricity or extremes of temperature (eg. clothes dryer or vehicle dashboard).

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