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School Route 674

2016 Timetable Revisions Valid From 27 February 2017

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Service 674
St Thomas Aquinas Primary
St Francis Xavier College
Florey Primary
St Matthew's Primary
St John the Apostle Primary
Latham Primary
Scullin, Page, Florey, Latham, Holt, Macgregor, Charnwood, Flynn, Fraser,Dunlop
3.05pm St Matthews Primary School, Stutchbury St, Page
LEFT Chewings St
RIGHT Ross Smith Cres
RIGHT McGinness St
RIGHT Chewings St
LEFT Petterd St
LEFT Ogilby Cres
LEFT Coulter Dr
LEFT Southern Cross Dr
RIGHT 1st Ratcliffe Cres
RIGHT Krefft St
PICK UP Florey Primary
LEFT Barnard Cct
PICK UP St John Apostle School
3:19pm St Francis Xavier
RETURN Barnard Cct
LEFT Krefft St
LEFT Kingsford Smith Dr
RIGHT O'Loghlen St
RIGHT Onslow St
PICK UP Latham Primary School
RIGHT Dalley Cres
RIGHT 2nd Macrossan Cres
LEFT Dalley Cres
LEFT Southern Cross Dr
RIGHT Chave St
RIGHT Moyes St
LEFT Southern Cross Dr
RIGHT Florey Dr
RIGHT Ginninderra Dr
LEFT Tillyard Dr
LEFT Lhotsky St
3:36pm St Thomas Aquinas School
LEFT Florey Dr
LEFT Ginninderra Dr
LEFT Companion Cres
LEFT Kingsford Smith Dr
LEFT Spalding St
RIGHT Tillyard Dr
RIGHT 1st Daley Cres
RIGHT 1st Bingley Cres
RIGHT Daley Cres
LEFT Tillyard Dr
RIGHT Kerrigan St
RIGHT 1st Shakespeare Cres
RIGHT Kerrigan St
RIGHT Polilight St
RIGHT Branson St
LEFT Douglas Waterhouse Dr
RIGHT Kerrigan St
LEFT Lance Hill Ave
RIGHT Ginninderra Dr
LEFT Archdall St
TO First Roundabout
RETURN Archdall St
RIGHT Ginninderra Dr
4.08pm To 1st stop after Lance Hill Ave
NOTE: Effective 9 October 2017

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