Whether you’re riding to work, school or for leisure, keep your bike parked securely at your destination.

Take a lock and check for:

When attaching your bike to a rack or rail, thread the lock through the rear wheel and through the frame of your bike. This will provide the greatest level of security. If you have accessories attached to your bike, such as lights, water bottle or a pump, you may wish to consider removing these to take with you.

Remember, you can take your bike with you on some buses with Bike & Ride.

If your bike is stolen

In the unlikely event that your bike is stolen, contact the police. Many household insurance policies will cover your bike against theft. When purchasing a new bike, you may need to contact your insurance company to advise them of the purchase, and provide the serial or barcode number for the bike. Some insurance policies also provide public and personal liability coverage if you injure someone else or damage someone else's property while riding.


The ACT not-for-profit organisation Pedal Power provides 24/7 public liability and personal accident insurance cover to all members, plus other membership benefits.