Track your active travel

Activity tracker

ACTiveLog will log your:

  • speed
  • elevation gain
  • time
  • distance.

It will show each activity on a map. If you choose to, you can share your activity details online. You can keep track of your own activities and set goals via the dashboard.

Download the free ACTiveLog app to track your active travel. It has been designed specifically for the ACT Government, in conjunction with Bicycle Network.

Download the app for iOS and Android.

Data informs development

All data is collected to inform health and infrastructure decisions to help make Canberra Australia's most walkable city and cycling capital.

For example, data helps us:

We’re using this data, along with other sources, to develop policies and plans for the future to a more liveable city for yourself, your family and friends.

Find out about your privacy while using the app.


A total of 451 activities were recorded during the inaugural Canberra Walk and Ride Week in March 2017:

  • Walks/Runs: 276 (61% of activity)
  • Rides: 175 (39% of activity)
  • Males: 277 (61% of participants)
  • Females: 174 (39% of participants)
  • Total distance recorded: 3212.092km
  • Average Distance per activity: 7.122155km
  • Total Duration of activities: 269.17 hours
  • Average duration per activity: 35.80973 minutes
  • Average age of users: 39 years
  • Youngest person to have logged an activity: 17 years
  • Oldest person to have logged an activity: 77 years

This information helps build a picture of where and how Canberrans walk and ride around our city, and informs future investment in the active travel network.

The information has been reproduced in a visual heat map and route map.