Passenger information

When travelling with Transport Canberra, it is your responsibility to behave safety, and show appropriate etiquette to your fellow passengers and transport employees.

If you're visiting or new to Canberra, find out about public transport options including active travel, buses and light rail.

First time on a bus in Canberra? Find out how to catch a bus.

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Travelling with young children and prams

Children five and under travel for free, unless they’re catching a school service.

When travelling with young children, consider:

  • allowing plenty of travel time
  • parking your pram parallel to the edge of the road or footpath a safe distance away and applying the brakes – always keep a firm hold of your pram and never leave it unattended
  • holding your child’s hand when assisting them to get on and off public transport
  • keeping children close to you when waiting for services and when on board
  • folding down the pram and carrying or assisting your child on and off board
  • placing prams where they are not in the way of other passengers or the driver.
Travelling with animals

Registered assistance animals with appropriate qualification and registration are allowed to travel on buses and light rail vehicles within the Transport Canberra network. They are required to be on a lead at all times, and wear an identifiable coat where applicable. Pets are permitted to travel on light rail vehicles provided they are contained in a secure pet carrier and can be transported without disrupting the safety or comfort of other passengers.

WiFi on buses

Light rail vehicles, stops, and interchanges have wifi available for use by the travelling public. Some of our buses provide free Wi-Fi.