The new integrated public transport network has been designed based on what Canberrans told us they wanted from bus and light rail services:

The new network will help us get ready for Canberra becoming a city of 500,000 people by 2030.

How you had YourSay

To develop a new network for Canberra, there have been two rounds of consultation:

Phase 1

In 2017 we asked for your experiences of Canberra’s public transport network through a survey, interactive map and community events. Through that conversation we heard some key themes:

Phase 2

In 2018, following on from Phase 1, we wanted to know how we can best support Canberrans to use the proposed New Bus Network through a survey, focus groups, and talking to people at community meetings, bus interchanges and schools.

Over eight weeks we spoke to people in bus interchanges, schools, at community councils and other community meetings, conducted an online survey and focus groups.



We reached 9,735 people via YourSay


We spoke to 12,913 individuals


We delivered 16 presentations to over 350 people


We visited businesses, community groups, shopping centres set up 21 roadshows and distributed over 334 brochures


We sent emails to over 504 + 16 submissions to organisations and community groups


We reached a social media audience of approx. 295,581


We received 11,500 items of written feedback

Across the public, community and special interest groups, this is the most engaged-with public consultation through ACT Government ever undertaken.

What did we change following consultation

Following Phase 2 consultation in 2018, we listened to the community’s feedback on the network and made 37 changes across the 58 routes in the network.

Some of the key changes included:

You can see what changes were made to the network in your area as a result of community feedback here (PDF 1.5MB).

In addition to improving the regular bus network, which are the buses school students are currently most likely to use, the Government also added 78 more dedicated school services each school day than was proposed during consultation. Find out more here about how students can get to and from school by public transport.

For further details on what we heard please refer to the Listening Report and Consultation Report.

A new Bus Network for Canberra Consultation Report (PDF 1MB)

A new Bus Network - Report on what we heard (PDF 191KB)