City to Gungahlin

Light rail will run from City to Gungahlin, along Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road. It will deliver high quality, reliable and frequent public transport down one of Canberra’s busiest corridors.

Light rail will also attract people, business and investment to Northbourne Avenue and the city.

This stage is expected to be operational in early 2019.

How to use Light Rail (PDF 886KB)

LRV Timings

The first stage choice

Gungahlin is growing at five times the rate of the rest of Canberra. Light rail will help support that growth and ease congestion.

The Northbourne Avenue corridor is experiencing a number of upgrades and increased social activity, and offers a unique opportunity for the ACT Government to capitalise on its light rail investment due to its land ownership along the corridor.

Significant planning and involvement from the community has helped shaped light rail for Canberra.


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Using Light Rail