Light Rail Network

We are planning, constructing and operating light rail today to ensure the Canberra of tomorrow - with a population of 500,000 by 2030 - can move easily and continue to enjoy Canberra as one of Australia’s most liveable cities.

We are on track to deliver a stage of light rail every decade.  

Today we are delivering the north-south spine connecting Gungahlin to Woden.

Tomorrow we will build on our work for the east-west axis connecting Belconnen to the Airport.

In the future we will determine how we will connect Barton to Fyshwick, Woden to Tuggeranong, Woden to Molonglo Valley and the City and Belconnen to Kippax.

Moving more people means more transport options and that requires a modern integrated transport network.

Light rail will underpin our modern public transport system as it connects major population areas, employment centre, social and cultural hubs across Canberra.

Planning for Canberra’s growth, reducing congestion and enhancing its liveability requires a convenient, efficient and reliable modern transport system that includes buses, light rail and active transport options such as cycling and walking.

That is why we will keep connecting light rail to buses, building new park and ride facilities, upgrading key transport interchanges, making Canberra more walkable, improving the urban landscape, sparking investment, creating jobs and inspiring a change in the travel behaviour of a generation.

As Canberra grows, city-shaping projects like light rail are helping to promote the ACT nationally and internationally as a great place to visit, live, invest and study.

Everyone will benefit as we progressively build the light rail network.

Canberra has joined over 400 cities worldwide enjoying the benefits of light rail.


Arriving at a stop knowing a light rail vehicle will arrive every six minutes in the peak hour, takes the guess work out of timetables

Travel time

Can plan travel knowing a town centre to the City is 30 minutes with more hours of operation everyday


Read a book, stream a show, find a comfortable seat with free Wi-Fi on-board and at stops


Take the guesswork out of boarding with doors that meet the platform, priority seating for wheelchairs, prams and room for bikes


Travel confidently knowing its renewable energy taking you where you need to go

The Light Rail Operating Network is SDMS ID 3132 and further information can be found on ACTmapi: