Light Rail Project Board

The Light Rail Project Board (the Project Board) meets monthly. The Project Board has a strong focus on strategic decision making in relation to the light rail projects and broader light rail network development and provides advice to the ACT Government in respect of the planning, procurement and delivery of the light rail transport.

Project Board membership is made up of an independent chair, an independent member, and five senior executive level staff from several ACT Directorates whose operations intersect in some way with the introduction of light rail:


Role on Board

John Fitzgerald

Independent Chair

Under Treasurer, Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Deputy Chair

Michael Kerry

Independent member

Director-General, Transport Canberra and City Services


Director-General, Justice and Community Safety


Director-General, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development


Deputy Director-General, Economic Development, Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate


In the interests of transparency, TCCS has made a commitment to publish a summary of outcomes from meetings held across the directorate. Beginning in November 2018, a summary of outcomes from each Project Board meeting will be available below.