Route and track alignment

For most of the corridor the current stage 1 (City to Gungahlin) design has the tracks in the middle of the road using the wide median space.

The median alignment was chosen based on:

Along Flemington Road Canberra Metro has designed and constructed tracks on the western verge. Consequently, the EPIC stop will be placed on the racecourse side of Flemington Road, rather than in the centre of the road.

Along the route and next to the light rail tracks, the project is upgrading the landscape to include both native and exotic trees and ground plane native grasses.

Walking across the tracks

Tracks will be able to be crossed using the many signalised intersections along the route and a few un-signalled crossings where distances between intersections is long. At these un-signalled crossings, users will need to exercise extra care.

Also, light rail does not adopt big fences and level differences that are common on train networks. Track crossings are similar to crossing the road for pedestrians today.

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