The ACT Government established the Capital Metro Agency to design, procure and deliver the light rail project. The Capital Metro Agency is now part of the Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate of the ACT Government.

How is the project being delivered?

The design, construction, operation and maintenance of the project will be carried out by the Canberra Metro consortium, under the PPP Project Agreement. Aspects such as ongoing planning, administration of the Project Agreement and ensuring that the Territory complies with its obligations under the Agreement will be managed by Transport Canberra working closely with a number of directorates that have a direct interest in the project.

We are also learning from other light rail projects, including working with other governments and industry experts.

Will it be managed by the government or run privately?

The ACT Government established the Capital Metro Agency (now Transport Canberra Light Rail) to investigate and develop procurement and financing options for the delivery of the project. Following an intensive procurement period, Canberra Metro was chosen as the private consortium to build and operate the first stage of light rail.

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What planning studies have been undertaken?

The ACT Government has undertaken a range of feasibility studies on the project to date.

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