Governance framework

Transport Canberra has developed a governance framework that consists of a suite of policies and procedures or work instructions about how, where and to whom the business delivers its services.

What is governance?

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO, 2003) defines governance as the process by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account. Transport Canberra delivers public transport to the ACT community. It is a wholly Government owned and operated business and therefore subscribes to public sector governance.

What is public sector governance?

The ANAO describes public sector governance as the manner in which public sector organisations acquit their responsibilities of stewardship by being open, accountable and prudent in decision making, in providing policy advice, in managing and delivering programs and in demonstrating leadership.

The ANAO goes on to say that good governance is about both:

Why is a governance framework necessary?

A governance framework serves as the primary guide to the development and implementation of governance arrangements. Transport Canberra's governance arrangements consist of a decision making structure, decision making mechanisms as well as a suite of policies and procedures or work instructions about how, where and to whom the business delivers its services. These are developed in the context of legislation and Government policy on public transport.

What are Transport Canberra’s governance arrangements?

Transport Canberra’s governance arrangements fall into a range of areas which may be described as the principles of governance:

Accountability – Transport Canberra ensures accountability by:

Transparency/Openness – Transport Canberra ensures transparency/openness through:

Integrity – Transport Canberra endorses the Government's emphasis on the highest standards of ethical conduct in the public service by:

Stewardship – public officials are entrusted with resources belonging to the community and must exercise their powers responsibly. Transport Canberra utilises a number of mechanisms to ensure that it maintains appropriate stewardship of the community's resources including:

Efficiency – Transport Canberra ensures efficiency by:

Leadership – Transport Canberra ensures effective leadership by clearly identifying its leadership team, their roles and responsibilities. Transport Canberra’s leaders are identified in the organisation structure and are committed to delivering good governance through:

Where do I find out more information about policy, governance or compliance?

Transport Canberra has a Policy, Governance and Compliance Officer who maintains the Corporate Governance Framework and Policy Development Process. The Policy, Governance and Compliance Officer is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have relating to Transport Canberra’s governance arrangements by contacting us.