Free city loop

Hop on and hop off this free city loop service, covering:

  • City Bus Station (Stop ID 3002)
  • Canberra Theatre Centre (Stop ID 3003)
  • City Walk (Stop ID 3462)
  • Canberra Centre (Stop ID 3052)
  • Braddon North (Stop ID 3135)
  • Braddon South (Stop ID 3133)
  • ANU Bus Station (Stop ID 4529)
  • Marcus Clarke Street (Stop ID 3047)
  • New Acton (Stop ID 3036)
  • London Circuit (Stop ID 3037)
  • City Bus Station (Stop ID 3002) – hop off here to transfer to another route.

Download the City Loop flyer (PDF 167KB).

Hours of operation

The free city loop runs from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, with buses around every 10 minutes.

Easy access buses

All city loop buses are accessible and can accommodate wheelchairs, prams or strollers.

Check live bus information on NXTBUS.

Free City Loop Map