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In 2011 the ACT Government introduced the MyWay smartcard ticketing system on all ACTION buses. MyWay provides a convenient, easy way to travel; with passengers enjoying discounted fares provided they tag on and off at the start and end of their journey.

Here's what you need to know:

How to Purchase a MyWay card
Register your MyWay card
Top up your travel credit
Replace a MyWay card
MyWay Fares
MyWay Concessions
MyWay Refunds and Balance Transfers
How to Contact Us

Purchase a MyWay Card

With over 30 MyWay Recharge Agents located across Canberra, purchasing your new MyWay card is easy. MyWay Recharge Agents are authorised to issue Standard, Tertiary, Concession, and Student MyWay cards. You can find out what card type you're eligible for by visiting the MyWay Concessions information page .

Selected card types can be purchased online by completing the Purchase a Standard or Student MyWay Card form, or by phoning 13 17 10. Please allow up to 5 business days for postage. Charges apply.

To apply for a co-branded Seniors/MyWay card, passengers need to attend the Council of the Ageing office, an ACT Government Library, or an Access Canberra Shopfront.

Register Your MyWay Card

Registering your MyWay card ensures that your travel credit can be protected in the event that your card is lost, stolen, or damaged. Having your details registered also allows you to log in to your account through the Transport for Canberra website to check you balance and view your transaction history.

If you purchased your MyWay card online or over the phone it will already be registered. Otherwise, you can submit a MyWay Card Registration Form online or phone 13 17 10. Your card will be registered within 24 hours of application.

Top Up Your Travel Credit

A variety of payment options makes adding value to your MyWay card easy. MyWay Recharge Agents are located throughout Canberra and can accept cash payments that will add value to your card instantly. Alternatively, you can add value using the below methods:

In Person

MyWay Recharge Agents are located across all areas of Canberra, making it easy to find a top up location near you. Cash payments of $5 - $190 can be added to your MyWay card and are instantly available to use as travel credit.

Online payments (credit card)

MyWay cards can be topped up online using the MyWay Card Add Value Online Form. Payment must be made using a Visa or MasterCard. Funds will apply to your MyWay card within 2 days of payment.

Over the phone

Call the ACTION Information line on 13 17 10 to add value over the phone using your Visa or MasterCard. Funds will apply to your MyWay card within 2 days payment.

Autoload (direct debit)

Using Autoload is a great way to ensure you are never left without required funds on your MyWay card. This direct debit feature will automatically add value to your MyWay card when the balance falls below $10 (standard cards) or $7 (student and concession cards), with payment taken from your nominated bank account over the following days.

Passengers who top up using Autoload attract a further 5% discount on all fares.

Complete and submit an Application for Autoload to have this feature applied within 7 days. Please note that if you add value to your MyWay card by other means it may cancel your Autoload feature.


Adding value to your MyWay card using B-Pay through your financial institution will activate a further 5% discount on all fares.

The Biller Code and your Customer Reference Number are located on the front of your MyWay card in the bottom-right corner.

Funds will apply to your MyWay card 3-5 days from the time of payment.

Replace a MyWay Card

If your registered MyWay card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, phone MyWay on 13 17 10 to have your card cancelled - this will ensure that your travel credit is protected, and can be applied to a new card for your use.

A new card will need to be purchased from a MyWay Recharge Agent, online, or over the phone. Once your new card has been issued, you can arrange a balance transfer by calling 13 17 10, or emailing with your registration details (name, address, password).

Refunds and Balance Transfers

ACTION will not process refunds or balance transfer requests for unregistered MyWay cards.

Customers can apply to transfer the balance of registered MyWay Card stored value to another person's registered MyWay Card, subject to payment of an administrative fee.

Customers can apply for a refund of the full balance of a registered MyWay Card, subject to payment of an administrative fee. Partial refunds are not permitted.

Customers must include the MyWay Card with a balance transfer or refund request form.

In relation to refunds of stored value on MyWay Cards registered to school students, the card holder's parent or guardian must apply for the refund.

Where a refund is approved, it will be provided in the form of direct electronic credit into the applicant's nominated bank account or by cheque. Cash refunds will not be provided.

To find out more or to apply for a refund, visit our Refunds and Balance Transfers page. These Conditions of Use, and related materials, are subject to change at the discretion of the ACT Government. These terms and conditions are also available by calling 13 17 10.

The ACT Government is committed to improving the accessibility of web content. To provide feedback or request an accessible version of a document please contact us or phone 13 22 81.
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