Part way drop off

Part way drop off locations provide alternative drop off points for parents who need to drive their children to school. Part way drop off locations have a number of benefits, including:

  • reducing congestion at the school entrance
  • increasing safety with less cars on the road at the school
  • developing a child’s independence
  • encouraging healthy and active habits
  • creating a hive of activity of children on the paths around schools (which helps to lower speeds and reduces the perceived risk of stranger danger).

There are a number of alternative drop off locations that provide safe and easy access to most schools. Look at a map with your child to indentify a suitable part way drop off location, which might include a road on the opposite side of the school oval, a nearby park or a wide street next to a shared path. Any distance up to one kilometre is suitable and easy for most children to walk or ride.

It is a good idea to walk or ride the route a number of times with your child prior to leaving them to travel independently to ensure they are familiar with the route. And remember, PART WAY is OK!


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