Park & Pedal

People leaving carpark on bikes with Telstra Tower in the backgroundIt’s the new, convenient way to get around the capital. Park your car for free and pedal your bike the remainder of your journey. It’s a great way to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine.

Choose your location

The above car parks provide great connections to major road networks and off-road paths to nearby town centres. Each site offers a bike ride of around 30 minutes to key work locations. Most of the paths are sealed, while the ride from Kellaway Street, Hackett offers an off-road mountain bike experience to the city.

You can save money on car-parking, arrive at work feeling energised, and arrive back at your car in the afternoon having left the day's stresses behind (or somewhere along the shared path on the way)!

As with any public carpark, commuters are reminded not to leave valuables in their cars.

Parking map for Park and Pedal
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Park & Pedal contributes to the ACT Government's agendas for active travel, the Healthy Weight Initiative, reduced traffic congestion and reduced carbon emissions.


The first Park & Pedal location was established at the Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum carpark, on Barrenjoey Drive, just off the Tuggeranong Parkway and Lady Denman Drive in February 2017.

A coffee van is stationed at the Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum carpark every weekday morning from 6:30am-9:15am. Coffee is also available at the Hackett Shops, along with a bike store; and it’s a convenient way to do some shopping on your way home.

Canberra’s Park & Pedal is an Australian first. Following the successful pilot project at the Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum carpark, the scheme was quickly expanded with an additional four locations as Stage 2 in April 2017.

Routes have been clearly mapped in 3D detail by CycleLifeHQ with route descriptions and other information to assist your ride.

Travelling with your bike

People unloading bikes from car in carpark

There are many ways you can transport your bike to the Park & Pedal carpark, depending on the make and size of your vehicle and the type of bike you have.

You may be able to fit your bike inside your car, especially if you remove one wheel. The front wheel is always the easiest to remove and replace, as you don't need to worry about the chain.

hen placing your bike in a car (or laying it down anywhere) be sure to place it left side down, so that you don't damage the gearing or chain and associated parts. This will also avoid any grease or oil from brushing against your car furnishings. An old blanket or sheet can also be helpful to further protect your bike and your car.

Folding bikes are available for purchase at many local bike stores. These are designed especially for ease of transport, and are quick and easy to assemble for commuting purposes.

Alternatively, roof racks, or a rear rack that is mounted to your tow bar, are convenient ways to transport bikes. If a rear rack obscures your vehicle number plate in any way, you will need an auxiliary number plate. These are available through Access Canberra, for approximately $40 (metal) or $70 (plastic).


People riding bikes with Telstra Tower in the background

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