What's Active Travel

Active Travel is a fun, safe and healthy way to get to work, school or social outings. Discover how easy it is and take the first step (or pedal) towards a healthy and active life.

Active Travel for commuters

Office workers can spend a long time sitting behind a desk which can impact on health. Breaking up the day with some incidental exercise each day is easy in Canberra with Active Travel. Whether it's taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the local bus stop or parking further away from the office, active travel will help to improve your health and wellbeing while enjoying some time outdoors.

Health benefits of Active Travel

ActiveTravel is a simple way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, which can have long lasting health benefits. In Canberra Active Travel is an easy way to travel to and from work, to the local shops or your kid’s school. It will help you to get moving and feel great. It is fun, safe and healthy!

Civic Cycle Loop

Did you know that the Civic Cycle Loop is a 3.2 kilometre cycle path that creates a loop around the CBD in Canberra? It connects cycle paths and provides cyclists with improved access to and around the City. The loop provides a safe riding environment without the need for cyclists to ride on the road or congested footpaths and helps to create a healthy and active community.

The walking and cycling capital of Australia

Active Travel encourages and supports walking and cycling as part of Canberra's overall urban planning, transport, health, environment and education systems. It helps to reduce congestion on our roads and plays a vital role in an integrated transport system. It will also help to make Canberra the walking and cycling capital of Australia.

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