1 month free travel

To celebrate the launch of the new network Transport Canberra will provide a month of free travel when passengers use their MyWay card. The free travel period will encourage Canberrans who currently don’t use public transport to give it a go whilst allowing current customers to adjust and navigate the new network.

A month of free travel applies from Monday, 29 April 2019 to Sunday, 26 May 2019 on every bus and light rail journey.

In order to travel for free, customers will need to make sure they:

Customers who do not have a MyWay card will need to buy a single ticket from a bus driver or ticket vending machine. Additionally, customers who do not tap on and tap off for their trip will be charged a default fare.

Why is free travel only available for MyWay users?

MyWay cards allow us to collect information about how people use the network, which we can use to improve services. This is particularly important at the start of a new network and when new customers are using it for the first time.

Where do I get a MyWay Card from?

MyWay cards are available from:

For further information on fares and ticketing view MyWay information.

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