Inner South

Information on this page is about the future bus network. To find out how to use the current network, visit the Getting Around page.

Bus services in the Inner South will provide frequent, reliable connections to the City, Woden, Belconnen, Fyshwick, Kingston and Canberra Hospital.

Rapid 2 provides a fast, frequent connection from Belconnen and the City, through to Barton, Kingston and Fyshwick.

Rapid 5 links Forrest and Barton to the City and Woden, and Rapid 6 links Barton, Kingston, Griffith and Narrabundah with the City, Canberra Hospital and Woden.

Local services provide all suburbs in the region with a connection to the City and Barton, as well as to either Woden or Fyshwick. Connections with Rapid buses services are available at Barton, Woden, Fyshwick, Goyder Street and the City.

The City will provide connections to a range of Rapid routes, providing access to Belconnen, Weston Creek, Molonglo, Woden, Russell, Barton, Fyshwick and the Canberra International Airport.

What’s changed following consultation?

New Network map Inner South (PDF 452KB)

What we heard

What we heard – Inner South report (PDF 73KB)

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Community Council meeting

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People from Inner South, or 3.6% of total respondents, provided feedback


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people attended the Inner South Community Council 10 July


Old Narrabundah Community Council

Concerns included:

  • routes do not provide adequate access to Forrest, Barton and Parkes
  • removal of stops means longer to walk which is difficult for the elderly and less mobile
  • local route changes may mean longer travel times and are not adequate for local travel needs to Manuka and John James
  • routes are not adequate for some work locations in the Parliamentary Triangle, Campbell Park and the ANU
  • safety at Kingston depot, ANU Campus and in Parkes.

Benefits included:

  • frequency and better travel to work
  • weekend services and timetables are   beneficial
  • access to Russell and Barton for work
  • cross town rapids to Woden, Belconnen and Civic.

Suggestions not relating to routes included:

  • ensuring timetables on all the bus stops for non-digital users
  • wording of ‘Rapids’ misleading
  • more shelter at Sydney Ave bus stops
  • there should be airport luggage room on R3 buses to airport
  • better bus pass options for families
  • dedicated bus lanes between hubs to improve service
  • interest expressed in Stage 2 light rail and electric buses and how bus network will link in with light rail
  • improve footpaths and bus shelters
  • increase frequency of service.

General Route Services for Inner South

Route Number


Rapid 2Fraser, Dunlop, Macgregor, Kippax, Holt, Belconnen Bus Stations, Bruce, City Interchange, Parkes, Kingston, Fyshwick
Rapid 6City West, City Interchange, Parkes, Barton, Kingston, Griffith, Narrabundah, Garran, Woden
56City Interchange, Russell, Barton, Kingston, Griffith, Manuka, Red Hill, Narrabundah, Fyshwick
57City Interchange, Parkes, Deakin, Yarralumla, Hughes, Garran, Phillip, Woden Bus Station
58City Interchange, Parkes, Deakin, Curtin, Woden Bus Station
182City West, City Bus Station, Reid, Russell, Barton, Kingston, Chisholm, Calwell, Conder, Lanyon Market Place