Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo

Information on this page is about the future bus network. To find out how to use the current network, visit the Getting Around page.

Local bus services in Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo will provide regular connections to the Woden Town Centre from all suburbs in the region.

The Woden Bus Station will provide connections to frequent, reliable Rapid routes servicing the City, Barton, Russell, Canberra Hospital and Kingston.

All bus routes in Weston Creek also provide links to both the Woden Bus Station and Cooleman Court, where passengers can transfer to Rapid 7 to the City.

Residents of Weston Creek and Molonlgo will now have improved access to the Tuggeranong Town Centre via local routes through Cooleman Court and Kambah.

The developing area of Molonglo Valley has a direct Rapid route to the City, as well as local service to Cooleman Court and Woden Town Centre. Note the Rapid route will initially run at a reduced frequency compared to other Rapid services until development provides an improved customer base. Local services are expected to be improved as the region develops and the population grows.

What’s changed following consultation?

New Network map Woden, Weston Creek and Molongo (PDF 493KB)

What we heard

What we heard – Weston Creek report (PDF 71KB)
What we heard – Woden report (PDF 51KB)

YourSay online survey

Pop up roadshows

Phone survey


Community Council meeting

Stakeholder meetings


People from Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo, or 26.9% of total respondents, provided feedback


people provided feedback at our 3 roadshows


people from Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo completed the survey


emails received


people attended the Woden and Weston Creek Community Council June and July


Marist College

Weston Creek Community Council Committee

Concerns included:

  • local buses going to Cooleman Court instead of Woden
  • loss of single seat journeys
  • longer travel times and removal of Xpressos
  • already parking problems in the area
  • Woden interchange considered unsafe and uncomfortable
  • access to bus stops on arterial roads
  • waiting for buses in inclement weather at bus stops and interchanges
  • specific concerns were raised for Duffy, Curtin, Hughes, Hume, Garran and Waramanga
  • accessible routes for elderly
  • concern that Cooleman Court does not have adequate infrastructure to be a bus station.

Benefits included:

  • buses coming more often
  • regular access to the city

Suggestions not relating to routes included:

  • utilise My Way cards across Canberra and outside ACT
  • journey planner (online and app)
  • more park and ride areas to take advantage of new routes
  • improved signage and wayfinding on buses, interchanges and bus stops
  • additional stops on arterial roads where rapids intersect
  • buses should be more frequent
  • improved seating on buses and& interchanges.

General Route Services for Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo

Route Number


Rapid 4Belconnen Bus Stations, Bruce, City Interchange, Woden Bus Station, Tuggeranong Bus Station
Rapid 5City West, City Interchange, Russell, Barton, Forrest, Woden Bus Station, Wanniassa, Erindale Bus Station, Calwell, Lanyon Marketplace
Rapid 6City West, City Interchange, Parkes, Barton, Kingston, Griffith, Narrabundah, Garran, Woden
Rapid 7City West, City Interchange, Weston Creek, Cooleman Court, Duffy
Rapid 10Denman Prospect, Coombs, Wright, City Interchange
57City Interchange, Parkes, Deakin, Yarralumla, Hughes, Garran, Phillip, Woden Bus Station
58City Interchange, Parkes, Deakin, Curtin, Woden Bus Station
60Woden Bus Station, O'Malley, Isaacs, Farrer, Mawson, 
61Woden Bus Station, Mawson, Farrer, Isaacs, O'Malley
62Woden Bus Station, Lyons, Chifley, Pearce, Torrens, Mawson
63Woden Bus Station, Phillip, Waramanga, Fisher, Stirling, Cooleman Court
64Woden Bus Station, Phillip, Weston, Cooleman Court, Rivett, Chapman
65Woden Bus Station, Phillip, Weston, Cooleman Court, Holder, Duffy
66Woden Bus Station, Lyons, Weston, Coombs, Denman Prospect, Wright, Duffy, Holder, Cooleman Court 
70Woden Bus Station, Phillip, Cooleman Court, via Namatijira Drive, Kambah West, Tuggeranong Bus Station
71Woden Bus Station, Phillip, Cooleman Court, via Namatijira Drive, Kambah, Tuggeranong Bus Station