Updated Weekend Bus Commences 28 September 2019

An updated weekend bus timetables commenced on Saturday 28 September 2019

The interim weekend bus timetable provides improved reliability to services.

Key information for the updated weekend timetables:

The NXTBUS website {nxtbus.act.gov.au} provides real time service information (up to 90 minutes before scheduled departure) or use the Transport Canberra Journey Planner to look up departure times and plan your trip ahead of time.

Updated Weekend Bus Timetables

Updated weekend bus timetables are now available to view and download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Facts

What are the changes to the weekend bus services?

From Saturday 28 September, Transport Canberra is introducing an interim updated weekend timetable to increase reliability of services.

The interim timetable will continue to offer more weekend services than the same time last year.

The frequent rapid services which make up 70% of weekend boardings will continue to operate, with regular services running at reduced frequencies.

Extended hours of coverage, including later night services on Sundays and public holidays will also remain.

Weekday services will not be affected.

When will the weekend timetable change?

The interim updated weekend timetable will commence Saturday 28 September.

Transport Canberra is working to deliver as many weekend services as possible before this date.

Will there be any changes for weekdays?

No. There are no changes to weekday services.

Is there any issue on weekdays?

No. Services are being delivered on weekdays, achieving more than 99% reliability.

Will my bus still run on the weekend once the new timetable starts?

To provide an interim timetable that is more reliable, some changes have been made to the current times of regular services. This may mean that some customers will need to review their trips during this interim period.

When will timetables be available?

Timetable information is available now at www.transport.act.gov.au, and Transport Canberra encourages customers to either use the online journey or other timetable information online.

Copies of local timetables will be available at major interchanges from 21 September.

Timetable books will be made available shortly.

Are routes changing on weekends?

No. all services will operate with the same route numbers as currently.

How long will the updated weekend timetable be in place?

Transport Canberra is working on as number of actions that will enable services to be increased when they can be delivered reliably.  These actions include recruiting more drivers and an Action Plan that can be found on the Transport Canberra web site.

Are more people using public transport on weekends with the new network?

Yes, around 30% more journeys are being made each weekend on public transport than at this time last year.

Customer Information

How can I plan my journey? How long will my trip take?

You can use Transport Canberra’s online journey planner to plan your weekend trip.

Remember to enter a date on or after 28 September 2019 to see results for the updated weekend timetable. You can also find individual timetables and maps for each route here (https://www.transport.act.gov.au/getting-around/timetables/routes-by-number)

Why doesn’t NXTBUS work more than 90 minutes in advance? Why can’t customers see further in advance which services won’t be operated?

NXTBUS provides real time information on timetabled services.  90 minutes is the limitation of the current system. A more advanced information system is being procured.  For information on planned services, it is recommended that customers check Journey Planner.

Driver Recruitment

How are you addressing the shortage of drivers?

Transport Canberra is recruiting more drivers and has put in place improved processes to ensure we recruit the right number to deliver the new transport network.

Can I become a Transport Canberra bus driver?

Yes. Transport Canberra are recruiting people who enjoy working with customers and have a great driving record. You can apply online at www.jobs.act.gov.au.

Why aren’t drivers paid penalty rates on weekends?

Transport Canberra bus drivers are paid a composite hourly rate that includes a supplementary payment in lieu of shift penalties and overtime payments.

Light Rail

Are there any changes to light rail services?


Do light rail drivers also volunteer for weekends?

Light rail drivers are employed by Canberra Metro under different conditions to Transport Canberra bus drivers.


How can I provide further feedback regarding the updated weekend bus network?

Transport Canberra always welcomes feedback on public transport services. You can provide feedback via the Transport Canberra website, under www.transport.act.gov.au/contact-us/feedback.

This feedback will be considered as part of the development of future changes to services and timetables.