Rail Stop Design

Light rail stops

The light rail stops will provide comfortable, functional and attractive places for everyone using the light rail system.

The design is functional, modern and designed specifically for our Canberra environment. The roof design will provide a sense of warmth and generosity of space which responds to Canberra's seasons.

A large canopy area will provide shade during our summer months, while skylights bring in light that will be appreciated on Canberra's crisp sunny winter days, with screens providing shelter when it's wet and windy.

Customers of all abilities will be well served through elements such as hearing induction loops, auditory announcements, digital information displays, accessible ramps, level boarding to light rail vehicles and tactile elements. Security has also been considered through the provision of lighting, closed circuit television cameras and help points.

Alinga Street stop and Northbourne Avenue Plaza design

With design and construction of the 12km light rail corridor from Gunaghlin to City progressing, the ACT Government is inviting the community to have a look at the proposed detailed design of the Alinga Street stop and the Northbourne Avenue Plaza preliminary design.

Seven of the proposed light rail stops within Stage 1 are located on land under the planning jurisdiction of the National Capital Authority (NCA) and the other six stops are located on land under the planning jurisdiction of the ACT Planning and Land Authority.

A Works Approval Application has been lodged with the NCA for the Alinga Street stop and the Northbourne Avenue Plaza preliminary designs.

The stop design has evolved from the earlier images published in 2016 at the time of Canberra Metro's selection as the preferred consortium.

Gungahlin to Dickson light rail stop designs

There are two types of light rail stops, an island stop and a side stop, as part of the 12km Stage 1 light rail project.

A side stop has platforms on either side of the two tracks whereas an island stop has the platform located between the two tracks.

Artwork will be a highlight of the light rail stops. Weather screens will incorporate the design work of Canberra artist, Hannah Quinlivan. Ms Quinlivan was selected from a range of prominent Australian artists to collaborate with architects to generate a specific artwork for use in the project.

Check out the artist impressions below.

Light Rail Stop Design

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