Urban Design and Landscaping

In order to construct certain aspects of the light rail, a number of trees along the corridor will have to be removed to ensure safety to our workers and members of the public.

A qualified arborist will be on site to remove the trees in a safe manner. If certain trees and vegetation do not require removal, our arborists will advise the construction team on how to protect their root zones. Trees that will be protected will be surrounded by exclusion fencing in accordance with the Tree Protection Act.

Tree planting will be undertaken as soon as practicable as outlined in the Urban Design and Landscaping Plan, as well as accordance with any contract documentation.

LR Trees

In addition to the safe removal of trees, arborists will assess the health and condition of any other vegetation that has grown within the construction corridor.

The safety and wellbeing of any animals that may reside within the corridor have been considered as well. A qualified animal protection officer will ensure all fauna is safety and humanely relocated to approved habitat areas.

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