Previous Community Consultation

Community engagement is at the core of Transport Canberra and the light rail project. The community has played a big part in the development of the project, and the ACT Government is committed to ongoing community engagement as the project progresses.

Find out about how community engagement has shaped the first stage of light rail below.

Light Rail Integration Study

The Light Rail Integration Study was conducted in October and November 2013. The consultation period was held over an eight week period and focused on how people might access light rail stops, what amenities they would like to see to support this and how stops can be located to encourage use.

Key findings and results:
  • Approximately half of respondents indicating that they are prepared to walk 800m, or even further, to a light rail stop.
  • The majority of people saw the benefits of light rail and agreed that it would contribute to Canberra becoming a modern, vibrant and mature city.
  • Frequency and reliability were the most important factors influencing the use of light rail, with real time passenger information a key desire at stops.

Early Design Community Consultation

Community feedback on the early design for the first stage of light rail is essential to ensure we deliver a high quality light rail network that meets the needs of its users.

The consultation program, which ran from 30 June to 10 August, was a great success with over 16,500 interactions with the local community and stakeholders.Feedback was taken from the public in many ways including through an online survey, social media, at public information and a pop-up information centre in the City.

Consultation was focused on four main topic areas; the strategic approach (policy and planning), the passenger experience, urban design and the technical aspects of the project.The feedback was used to refine the definition design for the first stage of light rail in Canberra.

Urban Design Consultation

The feedback provided in the Early Design Community Consultation was used to further develop urban design elements for the light rail project. An updated design was provided again for community comment to ensure the updated design reflected the community’s views.

This round of consultation focussed on design vision and character, landscaping, stop design and walking and cycling options.

The consultation program which ran from 21 January to 15 February 2015 was a great success resulting in more than 13,000 interactions with the local community and stakeholders.

Feedback from the community has been incorporated into the design guidelines provided to the shortlisted consortia. This ensured that the teams bidding for the project understood the expectations of the government, stakeholders and the community.

Capital Metro Industry Briefing

The Capital Metro Agency (now Transport Canberra and City Services) provided a project briefing to industry and community representatives on Monday, 15 September 2014.

Key features of the industry briefing included; a discussion of the vision for Canberra, a project overview, discussion of technical elements, risk allocation, commercial principles, procurement steps, feedback from the community, and the announcement that applications for Expression of Interest will open on 31 October 2014.

Over 370 people attended the briefing representing 257 local, national and international organisations.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Consultation

The draft EIS was released on Saturday 20 June, marking another important milestone in the planning and delivery of the first stage of Canberra’s light rail network. The EIS was open for comment for four weeks allowing individuals, local businesses and community organisations the opportunity to ensure all aspects of the impact of the project were considered.

Some of the key issues raised during consultation include construction impacts such as noise, vibration and dust; traffic management; relocation of utilities; landscaping, including the potential conflict between trees and overhead wires; integration of light rail with other modes of transport; and access requirements to businesses and properties.

The feedback generated as a part of the consultation was addressed in the final EIS.

'Meet the Bidders' Local Industry Event

On 9 April 2015, local businesses had the opportunity to meet with the two shortlisted consortia for the light rail project at the time. Over 100 people representing more than 70 local businesses attended.

The networking event allowed local business to meet the shortlisted consortia prior to the next stage of the project’s procurement process.

The event included presentations from both shortlisted consortia, where they discussed their team’s structure and previous projects experience. They both explained how they will engage with local business and how local business can best prepare for interaction with their teams.

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