Free senior and concession off-peak bus travel starts Saturday 14 January 2017

From Saturday 14 January 2017, Transport Canberra will be  providing free off peak travel on ACTION buses for senior and concession MyWay  card holders (excludes student and tertiary card holders) as part of an ongoing trial.

Eligible senior and concession holders who travel using  MyWay will be able to take advantage of this initiative during stated Transport  Canberra off peak travel times which are: between 9am – 4.30pm and after 6pm  weekdays and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

To take advantage of free travel you just need to tap on and  tap off the bus correctly using MyWay during the stated off peak periods.  Passengers will need to ensure that their MyWay cards are in positive balance. Failure to tap off correctly will result in passengers being charged the default fare. Your journey must commence by MyWay tap on, during the off peak period.

This announcement is another example of Transport Canberra’s  commitment to providing easy and accessible public transport for all Canberrans  and is one of many initiatives we will be implementing to ensure we build a  better public transport network for our future.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I know if I am eligible?
    To be eligible you must hold a valid concession MyWay card  and carry with you at all times, proof of your concession.
    To find out which concession cards are accepted view our concession entitlements page. Excludes student and tertiary card holders.
  2. When is the free travel applicable?
    Free travel can be accessed during stated Transport Canberra  off peak travel times which are: between 9am – 4.30pm and after 6pm weekdays  and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
    You must tap on during off peak travel times to access the  free travel.
  3. What if I forget to tap off? Will I be charged a fare?
    Yes. If you forget to tap off at the completion of your  journey you will be charged a standard default fare.
  4. Do I need to be a MyWay card user to claim free travel?
    Yes, you must use MyWay card which must have a positive balance to claim your free travel  entitlements. Using MyWay will ensure that travel data from the MyWay system is  collected and can be used to measure the success of the trial over the next 12  months.
  5. Are students able to claim free travel?
    No. Student and tertiary card holders are not entitled to  free off peak travel as part of this trial.
  6. Does this change anything for ACTION Gold Card holders or  seniors over 70 years of age?
    No, ACTION Gold Card holders or seniors over 70 with a  seniors/MyWay card are still entitled to free travel on ACTION buses at all  times.
  7. Do I need to have a balance on my MyWay card to claim free travel?
    Yes, you must have a positive balance on your MyWay card to claim the free travel entitlement during off-peak periods. This is to ensure that the card can be charged if used during peak times or if a default fare is incurred for failing to tap off correctly.

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