Interventions increase active travel at schools

The Active Streets for Schools pilot and the Ride or Walk to School program are showing positive signs to increase active travel to and from ACT schools.

The evaluation reports for each of the programs indicate that children are more likely to use active travel if the environment is safe to do so and the school is participating in the Ride or Walk to School program.

Key findings in the Active Streets evaluation report include:

  • There was a consistently high degree of support for active travel amongst parents.
  • There were small but consistent reductions of 3% in both average traffic speeds and average daily traffic volume around pilot schools from May 2015 to November 2016.
  • Overall the percentage of students across all pilot schools using active travel to and from school was higher following the installation of active streets interventions.
  • The ratio of children to parents travelling actively on the peak observation day increased, suggesting increased independent active travel in pilot schools.

Key findings in the Ride or Walk to school report include:

  • A significant increase in the proportion of students in participating schools using active travel at least once a week from 58% to 65%.
  • Children attending a school participating in the Ride or Walk to School program were more likely to use active travel as their usual mode of travel to school (51%) compared with children in schools not participating in the program (31%).
  • 92% of teachers participating in the Safe Cycle component of the program reported increased confidence in teaching cycling education.
  • 100% of principals and coordinators surveyed indicated their school would continue to support active travel in the future.

The reports are available at:

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