New network has started with light rail and more buses

Canberra is better connected with a new public transport network starting today. To help passengers familiarise themselves with the new network, Transport Canberra is offering one month of free travel when using their MyWay card.

The new network offers 10 rapid routes, including light rail, new local routes and more buses servicing schools across the ACT. There are also additional Transport Officers, Customer Service Assistants and Transport Canberra representatives to help customers with the changes and provide timetable information.

Timetables were published last month following the release of the new network last year to give commuters plenty of time to prepare for the change.

A new online journey planner has been developed to make it even easier for people to plan their trip on public transport.

Community consultation undertaken in mid-2018 identified people wanted more direct routes, more frequent and reliable services and increased services during on and off-peak times.

There will be services at least every 15 minutes along rapid transport routes from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, continuing into the evening with less frequency. Weekend and public holiday service times will also be extended to 10pm.

Safety across the network has been given a boost with CCTV cameras on every bus and at all major interchanges, school crossing supervisors at 25 school crossings, improvements to infrastructure around schools and additional customer service assistants at interchanges.

This is a new era for public transport in Canberra. As the city grows, a better public transport network is required to keep Canberra connected.