Your new network is starting - and it's free

Transport Canberra’s new public transport network starts next Monday 29 April 2019, bringing together buses, light rail and active travel, making Canberra better connected.

The whole network has changed with light rail and more buses, more often, but that means you will probably travel a different route at a different time to get to school or work. Have you planned your new public transport route?

As the network changes so might your local bus stop - we’ve added, moved and closed stops across the network to match our new routes so make sure you check where you have to board.

Use the online TC Journey Planner to help figure out which travel options including bus, light rail, cycling or walking, or a mix of all is your best transport option.

To help familiarise yourself with the changed network, Transport Canberra will provide one month free travel from Monday 29 April to Sunday 26 May 2019 when passengers use a MyWay card.

In order to travel for free, you will need to make sure you:

If you do not have a MyWay card will need to buy a single ticket from a bus driver or ticket vending machine. Additionally, if you do not tap on and tap off for your trip you will be charged a default fare.

You can purchase MyWay:

Top up your MyWay card via:

For further information visit the TC new network and MyWay page.