Canberra's pubic transport waiting areas are smoke-free

In the ACT, smoking and vaping is banned at public transport waiting areas. This ban helps to protect passengers and staff from the harms associated with smoking and exposure to second hand smoke.

Under this ban, you cannot smoke within 5 metres of all public transport stops and any shelter or seating at that stop. Public transport stops include bus stops, light rail stops and taxi ranks. Smoking is also banned completely in transport stations and interchanges in the ACT. This includes railway station platforms and bus and light rail interchanges. The ban applies regardless of whether the area is covered or uncovered.

Police, Access Canberra Inspectors and City Rangers are authorised to enforce smoke-free public transport waiting areas.

Penalties of up to $800 may apply for smoking or vaping in a legislated smoke-free area. Access Canberra compliance officers can be contacted on 13 22 81.

Further information can be found on the Health website.

Smoking or vaping is banned at the following public transport stations:

Smoke-free signage is displayed at all public transport stations to raise awareness about the ban.