Walking and riding to school supported with better infrastructure

The Active Streets for Schools program is expanding to deliver better infrastructure around more schools to support students walking, riding, scooting and using public transport.

Over the next four years 52 primary schools across Canberra will benefit from the program, which provides educational resources and delivers supporting infrastructure around schools to encourage more children to walk or ride to school. Infrastructure improvements will support the improved bus network to make Canberra better connected, especially around schools.

The schools were selected following an Expression of Interest process, which invited all the remaining primary schools that hadn’t previously received Active Streets support to highlight their interest in the program. All 52 schools that indicated their interest in participating have been included in the expanded program.

The program also promotes part way drop off and collection points around schools. Part way points are perfect for families that live too far away to walk or ride the entire trip but would like to reduce congestion and increase safety at the school gate, while also allowing children to receive some incidental exercise each day.

Active Streets supports the Ride or Walk to School program, by improving the environment around schools to make it easy and safe to walk and ride to school.

Active Streets commenced with a pilot in 2015-16, which trialed a number of infrastructure improvements to see if better infrastructure and encouragement would lead to an increase in children walking and riding to school. Following the pilot, which featured four schools, the program was expanded to include 25 schools during 2016-18.

Transport Canberra and City Services’ Schools Program will work closely with each of the 52 schools over the next four years to tailor the program to suit each school’s individual needs. School communities will also be consulted when delivering the program and will be encouraged to highlight potential infrastructure improvements that will support walking or riding to school.

Visit the Active travel for schools page and click on 'Active Streets for Schools' to view the list of participating schools.