New ticketing system

2022 New ticketing web banner

About the project

Transport Canberra will transition to a modern transport fare collection system to replace the existing MyWay ticketing and NXTBUS real-time passenger information systems. This is an exciting opportunity to see a new ticketing system that is flexible, innovative, and able to meet the needs of Canberra’s growing public transport network. The new ticketing system will be available across both buses and light rail, providing Canberrans with some of the most advanced ticketing technology in the world.

We are seeking ticketing solutions that will allow you to make payments using your debit and credit cards or mobile devices such as your phone or smart watch. We are also seeking to incorporate a new real time passenger information system platform to enable you to plan your journey from the same platform. We expect these added conveniences will encourage more people to change their travel behaviours and make the switch from their car.

girl with bike waiting for a bus

Next steps

In May 2021, we conducted a market sounding process where interested industry providers were invited to participate in a survey to help inform the final procurement. We received a high level of interest from the market, confirming that there is sufficient interest for us to be able to run a competitive process. This process also confirmed that industry is able to deliver a next generation ticketing system for Canberra to the specifications we require.

We have now entered the final stages of procurement, with a short list of successful respondents from the first stage being invited to participate in a Request for Proposal activity. A supplier is expected to be appointed by mid-2022.