In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)

In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)
ACT Public Hospitals

Canberra Hospital

5124 0000

Calvary Hospital

6201 6111

Mental Health

Call Mental Health Triage on

1800 629 354

(free call except from mobiles or public phones) or

6205 1065

Poisons Hotline

For a poison emergency in Australia call


Drug and Alcohol Help Line

The Drug and Alcohol Help Line is available 24-hours, 7 days a week on

5124 9977

Health Protection Service

For after hours urgent public health matters including environmental health, radiation safety, food poisoning and communicable disease management phone:

(02) 6205 1700


24 hour health advice

1800 022 222

ACT State Emergency Service

Emergency help
during flood or storms

132 500

E-scooters (and other similar devices) can now be used in the ACT. E-scooters provide a healthy and affordable travel choice.

Just as if you were driving a car or riding a motorcycle, road rules apply to riding an e-scooter on the road or path so be aware and take responsibility!

E-Scooter Safety from JACS on Vimeo.

Road rules apply when riding an e-scooter. Failure to comply can result in an infringement, so remember:

Learn more about the use of e-scooters and other similar devices in the ACT.

Three people on e-scootersE-scooters

Shared e-scooter scheme

Beam Mobility and Neuron Mobility operate shared e-scooters in Canberra.

There will be up to 1,500 devices for use in central Canberra and Belconnen Town Centre as part of the scheme. Please check the provider’s app to see where the e-scooters can be used.

Shared e-scooters provide Canberrans with a convenient option for short trips on their own or combined with public transport. The scheme also provides economic development opportunities including local employment and visitor services.

Remember to park your scooter well:

The shared e-scooters have been allowed under the Dockless Shared Micromobility Policy and Guidelines (PDF 188KB). Please email for a copy of the policy.

Frequently asked questions

Where can the e-scooters be used?
  • They can be used on footpaths, shared paths, and bicycle paths.
  • They are not permitted to be used on roads except in certain circumstances, for example when there is no footpath or shared path adjacent to the road or it is impractical to travel on the path.
  • On footpaths and shared paths, you must give way to people walking.
Are there speed limits for e-scooters?
  • They must not be ridden at a speed faster than 15km/h when travelling on a footpath.
  • They must not be ridden at a speed faster than 25km/h when travelling on any other permitted location, such as shared paths or cycle paths.
  • You must slow down to 10km/h when travelling across a crossing, give way to other pedestrians on the crossing and keep to the left.
  • People need to use their judgement and travel at the appropriate and safe speed for the environment they are travelling in and be respectful of people walking and cycling.
Are there any rules when riding e-scooters?

The rules for e-scooters are similar to those for bikes with a few differences:

  • Persons under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult when using an e-scooter.
  • A rider cannot carry a passenger.
  • Riders will need to check and agree to the terms of use as set by the providers Beam Mobility and Neuron Mobility if using the shared e-scooters. For example, share schemes have higher age restrictions.
Can e-scooters be taken onto buses?
  • A bus driver may need to refuse your request to bring a device on-board if they deem that it is not safe for you or other passengers due to its size, and number of passengers on board.
  • If taken on board, e-scooters must:
    • not block the aisle or exits
    • not obscure the vision of the driver
    • be easily carried on or off the bus by the passenger
    • be stored safely and securely within the passenger area.
  • The Transport Canberra Carriage of Goods Policy allows e-scooters and similar devices to be brought onto buses at the drivers’ discretion.
Can e-scooters be taken onto light rail?
  • E-scooters are permitted on the light rail providing they can be safely secured.
  • Board through the double doors and use the bike area.
  • The device must be electric-powered (not petrol-powered scooters) and not larger than 1250mm in length x 700 mm in width x 1350mm in height and weight no more than 60kg.
  • E-scooters must be turned off while on board.
  • For more information, visit