About the timetables

Routes and timetables include services in both directions, where available.

Route timetables are available in HTML (web page) and PDF download for:

Timetables on this website are the most current versions available. These timetables do not include additional trips for special events or other short-term timetable changes, real-time information or any disruption alerts.

For the most up-to-date times, use NXTBUS and check for travel alerts.

How to search for timetables

In timetables, search for a route number (if known) or location (i.e. street name, suburb, bus interchange).

Alternatively, use the Journey Planner, NXTBUS or an app.

You can also search for a bus stop ID and then find a live update on NXTBUS.

About route maps

Route maps are available for each individual route or for broader regions.

Occasionally, a route may need to divert or have a different stop sequence. Check service alerts for information about disruptions.


NXTBUS is a real-time passenger information system that tracks the location of your bus so you can find out when the next bus departs, wherever you are. It uses GPS to track the location of buses, which is sent to a central system that transmits this data in real time. NXTBUS looks 90 minutes into the future with information updated every 30 seconds.


  • Use the search bar to look up departure times by bus stop ID <link>, route or location. Results will be provided for the next 90 minutes.
  • Live times are shown in minutes, counting down until the bus departs, if your bus is easy access and/or has a bike rack .
  • You can also search the interactive map for bus stop information. If you hover over a stop, the Stop ID will be shown. Search information is displayed to the left of the map.


  • 'No departures found': This means there are no buses departing from this stop in the next 90 minutes.
  • Favourite stops: Save your most used stops in the 'Favourite Stops' list on the right hand side of the page.
  • School services: School services can be found by entering the route number.
  • Accessibility: All parts of NXTBUS are compatible with screen readers excluding the interactive map.
  • Charter services: Charter services are not searchable via the NXTBUS webpage.
  • Delays: Occasionally a service may become delayed after receipt of a SMS or since you checked NXTBUS. Please check again for the next available service.
  • Location name: Sometimes our stop location data may be entered into the system by landmark (e.g. Albert Hall instead of its physical location e.g. Commonwealth Avenue). Enter your bus stop ID whenever possible.
  • Planning your journey: NXTBUS is best used to quickly look up when your next bus is due to depart rather than as a Journey Planner.


Send an SMS to 0432 13 17 10 with:

  • Stop ID (e.g. 2248): For routes servicing that bus stop and the next two departure times for each route.
  • Stop ID and the route number (e.g. 2248, 300): For departure times for the selected route and bus stop.
  • Stop ID and departure time (e.g. 2248, 16:00): For routes servicing that bus stop after the selected departure time.
  • Stop ID, route and departure time (e.g. 2248, 300, 16:00): For times the selected route will depart after the departure time given.

*Standard SMS charges apply.


  • Your reply may include one or more of the following symbols:

W = Wheelchair accessible/easy access

B = Bike rack (this is only when a bus is fitted with a bike rack, it is unable to detect if the bike rack is full or not)

* = When a bus is delayed.

  • Use the correct SMS format listed above (spaces, commas etc to avoid receiving an error message.
  • Save the NXTBUS SMS number in your phone as a contact.

Using NXTBUS on the bus

All buses are equipped with NXTBUS technology including a screen at the front of the bus and voice announcements that give you next stop and route information.

Using NXTBUS at the bus stop or bus station

  • Find out which buses are departing your stop in the next 90 minutes via SMS or NXTBUS.
  • Braille and embossed bus stop plates are installed at 100 selected bus stops to assist vision impaired commuters.
  • LED display screens andon-demand audio announcements are at all bus stations and selected major stops. Live times are shown in minutes, counting down until the bus departs. There are also push button on-demand audio announcements. NXTBUS LED display screens are located at:
    • Cohen Street Bus Station
    • Belconnen Community Bus Station
    • Westfield Belconnen Bus station
    • City Bus Station
    • Tuggeranong Bus Station
    • Woden Bus Station
    • Gungahlin Bus Station
    • ANU Bus Station
    • City West
    • Kippax
  • Touch screen information kiosks are available at Westfield Belconnen (inside, near Max Brenner), City, Tuggeranong and Woden bus stations, allowing you to search NXTBUS.

Using NXTBUS by phone

Call 13 17 10 and speak to an operator who can provide you with real time route and/or stop information.

Using Journey Planner

Transit for Google Maps is a free service that provides a trip planning tool for desktop computers and mobile devices. It can be accessed via:

  • the Google Transit page
  • Google Maps application, available on Android, Blackberry and Windows devices
  • via Safari or other mobile browser on Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS 6) – add an icon to your home screen for easy access.


  • Use street numbers and names for more accurate results.
  • Specify your preferred arrival or departure time using the ‘Show Options’ button.
  • Times listed on Transit for Google Maps include walking and transfers. Quicker travel times may be achieved by starting or ending from different locations, so consider this when planning your journey.

Terms of Use

Transport Canberra provides data about its routes and timetables to Google. By using the Transit for Google Maps Planner you are agreeing to be bound by Google's terms and conditions. Find out more at the General Transit Feed Specification.

Using an app

Transport Canberra releases data to third party developers to create apps for mobile devices using our data. These are available for download by the public but are not developed or authorised by Transport Canberra. If you have a problem using an app, please contact the relevant third-party developer:

Apple iOS :


Contact us

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