Catching a bus in Canberra is easy. Our fleet includes easy access, luggage racks, priority seating and wheelchair space.

Explore passenger information for etiquette, safety, travelling with animals and other features.

Save time and money – try Park & Ride, Bike & Ride and bike storage options.

How to catch a bus

To catch a bus:

Once the driver has closed the doors, they may not be able to stop to pick up additional passengers.

If multiple buses are queued at a stop or station, proceed to the doors of your identified bus for boarding. Failure to do this may result in the bus departing without the driver realising that there are passengers waiting further down the platform.

Getting on the bus

Getting off the bus

Caught the wrong bus?

Press the bell for the next stop. When the bus stops tell the driver your problem and they will assist you to find the correct bus.

Which side of the road?

Check the direction of travel on your timetable or Journey Planner. If you are not sure where to stand, call us on 13 17 10 for help.

Left something on a bus?

Find out how to find your lost property.