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How we use social media

Transport Canberra oversees Canberra’s integrated public transport network including:

Our social media platforms help us share information, news and updates about these and future services. We also share related information about the benefits of public transport.

We monitor our social media platforms Monday to Friday during business hours, and outside of business hours subject to staff availability. We will do our best to respond to any messages received via these informal platforms. If you require a formal response, please contact us.

Our social media guidelines

These are the Terms of Use you agree to when engaging with Transport Canberra on social media. We ask you to:

Please do not:

Transport Canberra may:

Employees of the ACT Government

Employees of the ACT Government are required to adhere to the social media guidelines for the ACT Government. You need to be an authorised officer to use Transport Canberra social media platforms as an official communication tool. Employees should also identify that opinions are their own when participating in the discussion and/or within their profile information. You can engage as an individual with the ACT Government on social media as long as it does not cross-over into your area of responsibility or is something unrelated to your official duties.

Third party content

From time to time, the Transport Canberra may choose to republish social media content that contain information or otherwise link to material related to the light rail project and its benefits. Republication does not necessarily constitute endorsement by Transport Canberra.