Your MyWay card is issued subject to the conditions of the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Act 2001, Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Regulation 2002 and the conditions of use below. MyWay cards may be used for travel on designated Transport Canberra bus and light rail services provided that the MyWay card:


MyWay cards remain valid for two years from the date of the last transaction (a transaction could be either travel or recharge). Once a card has expired, it cannot be reactivated and a new card will need to be purchased. Any available travel balance on the expired card can be transferred to the new MyWay card.


Failure to tap off at the end of your travel will result in a default fare being charged.

Customers using a MyWay card acknowledge that:

For autoload top up terms and conditions view the MyWay Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.

Carrying proof of concession

You are required to show proof of concession/student entitlement on request and should carry it at all times. If you are not carrying proof of concession you are required to pay full fare.

Paying an incorrect fare

If you have not paid the correct fare, you may be issued a warning notice or fined. Penalties range from $159 for travelling without a current ticket to $207 for providing misleading information of entitlement for a ticket concession.

General MyWay conditions

These conditions of use, and related materials, are subject to change at the discretion of the ACT Government.