Getting Around

Look up individual route maps and timetables, or plan your trip from start to finish with the Trip Planner. Try NXTBUS or an app for real-time updates.

Try active commuting to save time and money.

Trip Planner

Use the Google Transit service to add your starting location and destination. Choose bus, walk or cycle for the best route to suit your needs.

Getting to school

Active travel is the best option to get to school. Buses are also a good option. Find a school bus service by route number or school name.

Service alerts

Check the latest service changes, updates and diversions.


Search by route number, rapid services, weekday or weekend timetables.

Get to an event

Find the best way to a sporting event, concert or festival.

Visiting Canberra

Just visiting? Find your way to and from Canberra International Airport, major attractions and the city.

Find a stop or map

Search a bus stop ID or download network and bus station maps.

Rural services

Find a service for Queanbeyan, Yass, Murrumbateman, and Oaks Estate residents.

Active Commuting

Add exercise to your day - take the stairs, catch a bus, or cycle to and from work. You can ride part of the way with Park & Pedal, run or walk to work, try Bike & Ride or locate a handy Bike Stop.