Using MyWay

MyWay is a prepaid ticketing system for convenient, easy travel. Fares are discounted when passengers tap on and off at the start and end of their journey.

When you purchase and use a MyWay card, you are agreeing to the conditions.

About MyWay

MyWay smartcard technology enables a money value and/or travel entitlements to be stored on the card. It’s a reusable card that remains valid for two years from the date of the last transaction. MyWay cards can only be used on buses.

Using MyWay on the bus

MyWay cards can be used immediately after the rider in front of you by tapping on and tapping off the bus.

Failure to tap off after a trip will result in a default fare being applied. The MyWay system will automatically tap you off when you next board the bus, which is known as a ‘synthetic tap off’.

If the reader is not working, please notify the driver.

Lights on the card reader

Green = tap on success.

Green + Yellow = tap on success and card balance is below $10.

Yellow = tap on successful, however as a result of failing to or being unable to tap off on your previous trip, a default fare has been applied.

Red = card is either not valid, has expired, an error has occurred reading the card, or there is an insufficient balance.

If you have tapped on to a bus and change your mind before it leaves the bus stop, please note the time, location and bus number before phoning 13 17 10 or completing an online enquiry to request reimbursement of the fare.

Viewing your transaction balance

To view the transaction or your MyWay card balance when you enter or exit the bus, hold your MyWay card over the MyWay card reader as long as is required to view the on-screen display.

You can also check your balance online if your MyWay is registered.

Remember, tapping off at the end of your journey ensures the cheapest fare is applied.

Taking care of your MyWay

Your MyWay is valuable, so should be looked after.

Using another MyWay card

MyWay cards can be used by anyone, but only one person can use a card at a time. If two or more people are travelling together, each person must have a separate MyWay card or pay a cash fare. Remember, applicable concessions must be carried at all times.