Light rail

Canberra’s light rail network will help achieve our vision for a more sustainable and modern city.

Construction of the 12 kilometre City to Gungahlin stage is underway. The City to Woden corridor will be developed as the next stage of the network.

City to Gungahlin

Light rail will run along Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road. Construction is underway – thank you for your patience. Find out how it’s progressing.

City to Woden

This stage will link the City to Woden through the heart of Canberra's city centre. Find out about Stage 2 plans.


Find out about route and track alignment, urban and landscape design, environmental management, and future plans.


Canberra Metro are our delivery partners for Stage 1.

Using light rail

Find out how to use light rail.

Get involved

Community engagement and local business involvement is a crucial part of this project. Find out about engagement so far, and how to stay up-to-date with progress.

Project history

Rapid transit planning in Canberra has been progressing for many years. Find out about the decisions made to date.

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