Celebrating Harmony Day with more artwork along the light rail corridor

Harmony Day offers a unique opportunity to embrace diversity and bring together Australians from all different backgrounds. This is a day to celebrate inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Canberra Metro Operations (CMET), in collaboration with the Migrant Women’s Art Group and Belconnen Arts Centre, has recognised Harmony Day by painting 7 cabinets along the light rail corridor at Sandford Street, Manning Clarke North and Gungahlin Place.

This initiative aims to provide brighten our city and engage the community while reducing graffiti.

Transport Canberra is proud to assist CMET and extends its appreciation to the talented artists Kirandeep Grewal, Pinal Maniar and Aneeta Bano, who have contributed their creative vision to this project.

For more details about the artists and their artwork, visit the Belconnen Arts Centre website.

About the artists

Kirandeep Grewal is dedicated to involving and engaging the community through various art projects. Her artworks feature animals, plants and leaves, which illustrate her inner being and symbolise her connection to the land and nature.

Kirandeep stands next to a power cabinet with beautiful flowers on top of it.

Aneeta Bano is a Pakistani-born artist who moved to Canberra in 2019. She expresses hope through her paintings and finds inspiration from Canberra’s peaceful environment. Aneeta’s artwork Autumn Colours has been installed at Sandford Street, downstairs from her workplace. She is excited to see her artwork every morning when she gets off the light rail and walks towards it.

Aneeta stands next to a power cabinet with beautiful flowers on top of it.

Pinal Maniar’s artwork features cockatoos and native flowers. With her background in the textile industry, she is now dedicated to crafting handmade, sustainable textiles. Through her artworks, she merges creativity with a sense of environmental responsibility, showcasing the beauty and significance of mindful craftsmanship.

Pinal stands next to a power cabinet with beautiful flowers on top of it.