Meet our Special Needs Transport and Flexible Transport team

Special needs transport vehicle

Big old shout out to our Special Needs Transport and Flexible Transport service team (SNT/flexi is the TC lingo).

All throughout lockdown these guys continued to provide essential transport for some of our special needs students who still had to attend school. There were around 60 students who required this service.

They also look after our elderly and disabled community members who travel on our flexible transport service, ensuring they can get to their medical appointments or duck to the shop for groceries.

They stepped in when we had to pop some bespoke school services together for children of essential workers who were unable to stay home during the lockdown.

AND! Yep, there's more...

The team were also assisting with special passenger transfers for COVID-19 related appointments on request by ACT Health.

Thanks so much SNT/Flexi team we couldn’t have done it without you.