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Advertising on Transport Canberra buses and light rail

Products and messages must be suitable and appropriate for the broader population and in line with the values of the Canberra community and ACT Government objectives.

Ads must be legal, meet Australian Standards, and not represent, portray or promote:

Other matters may be determined by the ACT Government.

Advertising on buses

Advertising on Transport Canberra buses is managed by Go Transit Australia.

You can book advertising on buses to help reach target markets across Canberra.

Find out more at Go Transit Australia or call 1300 468 726.

Advertising on light rail

Advertising on Transport Canberra light rail is managed by Torch Media.

Find out more at Torch Media or call (02) 8404 3900.

Filming and Photography

Filmmakers, photographers and broadcasters may film or photograph Transport Canberra buses and bus stations with permission.

Please complete and submit a photography and events application form.

Proof of public liability insurance must accompany all applications.

For urgent requests from the news media, phone 13 17 10.