In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)

In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)
ACT Public Hospitals

Canberra Hospital

5124 0000

Calvary Hospital

6201 6111

Mental Health

Call Mental Health Triage on

1800 629 354

(free call except from mobiles or public phones) or

6205 1065

Poisons Hotline

For a poison emergency in Australia call


Drug and Alcohol Help Line

The Drug and Alcohol Help Line is available 24-hours, 7 days a week on

5124 9977

Health Protection Service

For after hours urgent public health matters including environmental health, radiation safety, food poisoning and communicable disease management phone:

(02) 6205 1700


24 hour health advice

1800 022 222

ACT State Emergency Service

Emergency help
during flood or storms

132 500

Information for developers

Interested third party developers may create apps using Transport Canberra data.

See current third party apps.

If you have created an app for a Transport Canberra bus service, contact us so we can add it to our list of apps.

Data Feeds

Transport Canberra releases:

Transit for Google Maps Feed (ZIP file 6.3 MB updated  23/09/2020). Standard GTFS files adhering to the General Transit Feed Specification Reference:
Transport Canberra Extended GTFS Feed (ZIP file 7.9 MB updated 23/09/2020). Contains extensions to the standard GTFS specification to accommodate the publication of School Services. Further information is available on the TCCS GTFS Implementation Specification (PDF File 367 Kb).
CMO Light Rail GTFS data feed. (ZIP file 158kb updated 29/09/2020). This file set contains the static timetable data for Light Rail Services. Further information is available on the TCCS GTFS Implementation Specification (PDF File 367 Kb).
CMO Light Rail GTFS-R data feed This data feed contains Light Rail real-time location and movement information. Further information is available on the TCCS GTFS-R Implementation Specification. The parsed vehicle and trip information is also available via our Open Data Platform
Bus stop ID list (CSV File 220KB updated 09/10/2019). A list of bus stop Identifiers, Descriptions and Locations in csv format.
NXTBUS SIRI API Registration Form Complete the NXTBUS SIRI API Integration Registration Form to register your intention to develop an interface using this real-time bus location and movement information. We’ll then contact you with an API key and supporting information.        
Implementation of SIRI v1.3 and v2.0 (PDF File 1.2 MB updated 17/04/2019) Interface Specification documentation for the NXTBUS system.
NXTBUS Developers API reference (PDF File 1.7 MB updated 17/04/2019) ACT Government NXTBUS API reference.
School Services (CSV File 132 KB updated 24/09/2019) A list of dedicated school services and routes in csv format.

Our GTFS data feeds are released under Creative Common BY license.

Terms and conditions

Third party apps are not developed or authorised by Transport Canberra, and we are not affiliated in any way with their creators.

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